Thursday, August 5, 2010

A change of times in times of change.....

Its been a while since I posted. Period. Things have been changing so fast that I barely have time to update the little-important-things any more. (quoted from : little important things )

There has been an event. A moment of change. A cataclysm of the mind.

Converting the nonconvertible. Decimating the decay and Renewing the rivetted. Suddenly, an unending horizon of new possiblities unfurls before my eyes ; my old views become outdated and mundane.

Has he finally succumbed to the madness of life? Nay. What is life but a inhuman human attempt to overcome
the extreme random brownian events of the universe.

This day last month, photography as i knew it changed. Be it for better or for worse, its definitely going to be interesting. For me. At least. :)

Thanks for tuning in.