Friday, April 2, 2010

Dhphotomen covers Asthana Arts' Thirunangai @ Auditorium Taman Budaya

A successful theater production is a complex creature. An amalgamation of form, movement, emotion, and drama that somehow resonates deep within its audience, awakening imagination and highlighting the vivid truths of life.

Ravi Shanker, Artistic Director of Asthana Arts, decided to venture forth on untrodden ground producing the theater/dance production; THIRUNANGAI, which simply means "transsexuals"; a taboo in our society and also an often shunned subject. Ravi has taken great pains to research, understand, and study the philosophies behind this term. This story revolves around Vishnu and 4 "Thirunangai" ; Ganga, Suryakala, Maya and Theresa. Emphasizing ignorance and the journey towards creating awareness, Thirunangai provokes thought and bids us to delve within ourselves to discover our stand on this issue.

As our society progresses, the role of the arts to cultivate awareness on the lesser known aspects of our lives becomes increasingly important. The success of Thirunangai has been well documented by various forms of media all across the country. In anticipation , we await more.......

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